Tennis Troubles – How to cure dry hand cuts

If you’re a tennis player and you play in the winter, you may of have experienced dry hands or cuts on your hand. Even though the cuts may be minor, they can interfere with your play and can be quite irritating. So today, I will be introducing my way of fixing dry hand cuts using my past experience and I will also explain a couple of ways of how to prevent them as well.


I am talking about minor cuts. Serious cuts should be shown to a doctor. 

This is a picture of my right thumb, and as you can see, it’s completely dried up and several cuts are starting to appear.
I usually get these sort of cuts on my other fingers as well, but for now let’s use my thumb for an example.

Whenever I get a cut on my hand, I buy really good hand cream and put it on at night. You can put it on during the day, but I usually choose not to because I don’t want sticky hands throughout the day. After I put on the cream, I get a couple of band aids and wrap it around the cut. This will keep the thumb moist which will help it heal faster as time goes by. If you do not want to put on band aids, gloves or mittens will do as well. Just make sure the cream doesn’t get wiped away when you put on the gloves.

Change the bandaids when you think you should. However, you don’t want to keep the bandaid on for too long, so whenever your cut is close to being completely healed you may want to remove it. After you stopped using the bandaids, continue to put on some hand cream on the cut to make sure it doesn’t split open again.

These cuts are often just caused by dry hands or whenever some sort of force pulls your skin apart. So, if you do not want these kind of cuts, keep your body hydrated and put normal hand cream on your hands whenever you can. Biting your nails too short can also cause a cut on your finger as well.

Really tiny cuts can become larger over time, so before that happens heal it completely by putting hand cream on and covering it up with a bandaid.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below, and I would gladly respond to it ASAP.

I hope this information helped!