Tatsuma Ito vs Matthew Ebden – US Open Predictions | PREDICTION WRONG

Matthew Ebden has won this match 7-6, 6-3, 6-2.


I predict that the Tatsuma Ito vs Matthew Ebden match will be quite a exciting, balanced match, but I predict that the winner of the match will be Tatsuma Ito with a miracle comeback. Tatsuma Ito is a 24 year old Japanese tennis player, who is ranked 67th place in the world. Matthew Ebden is also 24 years old, and is an Australian tennis player ranked 71st place.

Now the main difference between these two players are experience. Though both players have been playing tennis at around the same time as each other, but Matthew Ebden has 3 doubles titles, while Tatsuma Ito has none at all.

I think that the key to winning the match is to force Ebden to hit more unforced errors. Ebden also gets quite frustrated sometimes, so a good way to attack his mental-side is to do a miracle comeback a couple of times. For example, it could be 0-40 on Ito’s serve. If Ito keeps that game somehow, the momentum will go to him, and he will be able to finish that match. Other comebacks from 3-0 or 4-2 will be great as well.

I favor Matthew Ebden in this match, looking at his stats and such, but I think that Tatsuma Ito will be able to pull it off.

Did you know?

In the second round of the Australian Open, fellow Japanese teammate Kei Nishikori faced Matthew Ebden. Kei Nishikori was down by 2 sets, but was miraculously able to take 3 sets in a row which resulted in the win of the match. Nishikori Kei then advanced onto the quarter finals after defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

I hope that Tatsuma Ito will win like that as well.