Tennis Movie – The Tour

There’s been a talk about a new tennis movie that is being filmed. The movie is called “The Tour”, which is produced by Jeremy Mitchell and Brad Benedict. This movie is supported by the number 11 world rankings tennis player, John Isner, Ryan Sweeting, Sam Querry, and many other tennis professionals. We all know what life is like for the top pros. Ferrari’s, huge mansions, fame, but what about the tennis players in the minor leagues? The Tour will show you what life is like as a professional tennis player, and the adventures of what they’ve experienced. Jeremy and Brad have been working on this project for several years, and they say that it is their dream to make their very own movie on tennis. If you would like to know more about Jeremy and Brad, check out this Yahoo article by clicking here.

The Tour’s Promotion Video:

In my opinion, I really would like to see this movie once it’s completed. I’ve always wondered what it was like to be a tennis pro, and I’ve never actually seen a movie based on tennis. I fully support this project, and I’ve also made an unofficial banner of “The Tour” to put in the footer of this site.

I’ve managed to have an interview with Jeremy Mitchell via e-mail.

How old were you when you started to play tennis?

– I was 3 years old. Started playing on the garage door at my family’s house in Texas and shattered the window countless times during epic imaginary matches vs the wall against legendary players.  
Which tennis player did you look up to as you grew up?
– McEnroe was my favorite player because of the way he competed and his iconoclastic approach to the sport. He did it his own way, took what was useful and rejected all the rest. Game-wise, I studied a lot of Rafter, Agassi and Bjorkman. An odd mix I know.  
When did you turn pro?
– 2001  
Was being a tennis pro what you expected?
 – I can just say that it was “more” than I expected. More excitement, more wait, more joy, more pain, more struggle, more adventure. It was a giant, chaotic journey.
What inspired you to make this movie?
– I spent years reconciling what I wanted to be in the sport vs what I ultimately achieved. This film is an answer to that question and a story for the other 99% of the worlds athletes, and really people in general who have ever had a dream.  
What will the movie be about?
– It’s about a tennis player who, upon discovering that his estranged father, who was his former coach, is sick and has about a year to live, makes a vow that he will go back on tour and win the US Open before he can see him again. The film follows his year on tour as he grinds through the world of Futures and Challengers, bonds with other tennis drifters, and struggles with the overwhelming expectations and pressure he’s placed upon himself.
What can we do to support “The Tour”?
– The main thing we’re trying to do is raise all of our funding on our kickstarter campaign:   So the more people can pass that around and raise awareness, the more opportunity we have to get funded. We’ll also put up a link to receive donations once our kickstarter goes down and you can find that on our website:
Please check out The Tour’s Twitter and Facebook page, and spread the world!
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Check out The Tour’s support from John Isner and other players by watching the video below.

I wish a good luck to Jeremy and Brad, and I hope the project will be a great success.