Rafael Nadal dropping out from 2012 Olympics

Rafael Nadal, currently number 3 in the world rankings and was planned to go to the London Olympics, announced on July 19th 2012 that he will not be participating Olympics this year.

Rafael Nadal was not playing well recently, after winning another grand slam title in the French Open 2012. In the tournament that Nadal entered after he won that grand slam title, he was defeated by German player Philipp Kohlschreiber in straight sets of 6-3 and 6-4 (Click here for the article). Nadal also lost on the second round of Wimbledon from a player named Lukas Rosol, who was ranked 100th place in the world rankings at that time (Check this article out here).

Nadal seems to have a problem with his knee and fitness in general, so he decided to withdraw from the Olympics so that he does not drag his Olympic teammates down with him. Nadal officially announced this on his official site. Click here to view the PDF file which Nadal announces the withdraw from the London Olympics.

I am not in condition to compete in the London Olympics and therefore will not travel as planned with the Spanish delegation to take part in the games

I have to think about my companions, I can’t be selfish and I have to think of what’s best for Spanish sport, especially tennis and Spanish players and give fellow sportsmen with better preparation the chance to compete. I tried to hurry my preparations and training to the very last minute, but it was not to be .

Nadal stated.

Though Nadal has already won a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, it is going to be very unfortunate to not be able to see Nadal in action in the Olympics again.