Andy Roddick – Wins Eastbourne (AEGON International) Final

Short Profile of Andy Roddick:

Andy Roddick, currently 29 years old, was a player that was on the rise around the the Pete Sampras era ended. Andy Roddick was on the rise, along with Roger Federer. Roger Federer and Andy Roddick have clashed at the Wimbledon finals a total of 3 times, and Roger was always the one to take the trophy with him.

Andy Roddick began to downfall after Roger defeated him in 2009 at the Wimbledon Finals. Roddick was known for his powerful, fast serve and a unique form. He was number 1 on the world rankings for 13 weeks. Andy Roddick currently has 1 grand slam title and has 32 singles titles (including the Eastbourne Final 2012) and 4 doubles titles as of June 24th, 2012. When Andy was on his peek, around 2003~2005, Roger Federer always knocked Andy down from the finals. As he did three times at the Wimbledon and one time at the U.S. Open in 2006. Roddick is most famous on this video shown below.

Andy Roddick was mad when a shot was called wide when it was in before this serve. I guess his anger created a shot that will never been seen again.


Andy Roddick won his 32nd singles title by defeating Andreas Seppi with a score of 6-3, 6-2. Andy was playing fairly well this match, and below are the match’s highlights.

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