Rackets – Which ones am I supposed to choose?

Choosing your tennis racket will decide how you will play your game. On this post, I will be talking about the differences between rackets, and the characteristics of each one.

Beginner Rackets

For beginners, I recommend a light, thick framed tennis racket. 245g ~ 270g are considered as the beginner racket category. Light rackets are easier to swing, but if the person using it has power, the ball is most likely to go out. These rackets have big  sweet-spots and are meant to just hit the ball and return it onto the court. A thick frame provides a slow rebound of the ball as it hits the racket, so with only minimum power the ball will go far out into the court.

Amateur Rackets

Amateur rackets have a thinner frame than the beginner rackets. They are also more heavier, and there is a smaller sweet-spot. The weight that is considered to be in this category is from 275 grams to 290g. People who have average power and about 1~3 or 4 years of experience are recommended to use this racket. After the racket impacts with the ball, the ball will not fly as much at the beginner rackets, which means that the person using this racket needs to have more power compared to the beginner rackets. I currently use this category for my game.

Professional Rackets

These rackets have extremely thin frames, and are reasonably heavy. They usually weigh to about 295g to 345g+. The sweet spot is extremely small, so if the ball hits somewhere else than that spot, the ball will be very short and it will become a chance ball for your opponents. Therefore, people who use this racket are really good, and have good control of the ball. Though, these rackets provide extremely awesome spin and power if used correctly. But be sure to have muscles before using these rackets, or you may get tennis elbow or hurt your wrists.

These references were all written by my experience, and it is your choice to believe it or not. I currently use the Head IG Speed Elite which weights 285g. I love playing with it so much!

For all tennis lovers,