David Nalbandian – Loses his Temper in AEGON Finals Resulting in a Disqualification

David Nalbandian was not happy with the way he was playing on the second set at 3-3, 15-40 when his opponent, Marin Cilic broke his serve. Nalbandian was furious, and went to the line-judge and kick the box around him, which then hit the line-judge’s knee.

David Nalbandian was disqualified from the AEGON Championships, and was fined $12,000. He is currently being investigated by the police because of a complaint, and could possibly take a charge of alleged assault.

I know that I made a mistake, 100 percent. If I had to pay for what I did, it’s perfect. I agree. I made a mistake and I apologize and I feel very sorry for the guy. I didn’t want to do that.

-David Nalbandian after he was defaulted from the match.

David was leading with one set at 7-6. It is really a bummer that the finals had to end like this.

It was not easy to go in front of the crowd, the people to get the trophy like that. But I had a  good week and played some very good tennis and I’m going to be very happy after this is over.

-Marin Cilic after receiving the AEGON Championships trophy.

Marin Cilic won his 5th singles title, and is now ranked 18th in the world rankings.

The lesson of the day is, don’t lose your cool, or you will end up screwed.


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