Maria Sharapova – Finally World Number 1 after 4 years of pain

Maria Sharapova became the world’s number 1 woman tennis player after winning against Sara Erraini with a score of 6-3, 6-2 in the French Open Finals. Usually, I only update about mens tennis, but since Sharapova is one of my favorite players, I will be talking about her and how her past 4 years specially.

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Maria Sharapova used to be the world’s number 1 ranking at the time of June 2008. She then started to have some trouble with her shoulder when she was hitting her serve. No one knew her problem, even the doctors. Maria was very frustrated and depressed.

When is this going to end?

-Maria Sharapova when her shoulder was still hurting.

One year later, she decided to take an operation in order to fix it. She had fell down the the rank of 126th since the injury, and had climbed up the ranks slowly while rehabilitating. And finally, on June 10th, 2012, she won against Sara Erraini, who was ranked 24th at that point of time. (Currently 10th) She had a really hard time recovering from the surgery, and I respect her for not giving up in the middle. Here is an interview that Head Tennis had with Maria Sharapova. She talks about the path to becoming number 1 again since the shoulder problem.

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Besides Maria becoming number 1, her French Open Finals opponent, Sara Erraini went up 14 world rankings. She used to be number 24, but after reaching the semi-finals, she became number 10.

As for men’s tennis, the Wimbledon Qualifications have started. Let’s see who will make it to this years Wimbledon!

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