Andy Murray – Compared to Roger Federer

Andy Murray, representing Great Britain, is the worlds number 4 in mens tennis, and is currently 25 years old. Roger Federer, representing Switzerland, is currently the worlds number 3. Andy Murray has been on tour for 8 years, while Roger has been on for 15 years.

Roger Federer had already achieved 6 Grand Slam titles on his 8th year on tour, but Andy Murray still has none. However, Andy is fairly close from winning a grand slam, because he usually always appears at the semi-finals. He may be able to win a Grand Slam in the near future!

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What’s the difference between Andy and Roger? And why can’t Andy win a Grand Slam?

Roger Federer is a beast. Perhaps comparing him with Andy is a little to strict, but here are some of the main differences between Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

1. Hitting the backhand with a forehand.

Roger Federer has a really unique and strong forehand, however, his backhand does not have as much power as his forehand. What Roger does to solve this problem, is that he goes around to his forehand when a chance ball comes to his backhand. That way, he will be able to hit the ball stronger and better angle-wise.

HOWEVER, as for Andy Murray, he rarely does this tactic. Andy Murray just hits the ball back at a normal cross court or down the line shot, but since the ball does not have much power and speed to it, the ball will be fetched by the opponent. I’m not saying that his backhand is weak, I am just saying that if he is going to fight against Nadal or Djokovic, he will need to work on hitting backhand shots with his forehand.

2. The Forehand

As I said earlier, Roger Federer has a strong, powerful forehand. However, Murray’s forehand is somewhat “fixed,” if you know what I mean. Murray doesn’t really use his wrist, so there is lack of speed and spin compared to Roger Federer’s forehand. Though, Murray has a very good control on angles and courses, which is what his way of hitting the forehand does. It would be nice if Andy improved on his forehand a little more.

3. Defense/Errors

Don’t get me wrong here. Andy Murray is very persistent, and returns all kinds of balls. However, compared to Nadal, Murray has lots more work to do. I guess training Murray’s footwork is a good option to fix this.

Not often, but Andy is weak on his angles when it comes to chances. At the Australian Open 2012, Murray was at the service box returning a short lob hit from Novak Djokovic. Murray hits the ball to Novak’s backhand, but the angle was not good enough, and Novak hit a passing shot down the line. Novak was just too good, but maybe if Andy hit a better ball, it would’ve been his point.

4. Second Serve

Now back to comparing Andy with Federer.

Federer can control his second serve to wherever he wants it to drop. However, Andy Murray’s second serve’s angle/course is not as good as Federer’s. If Andy could make his serves more precise and accurate, he would be able to create a good momentum and tactic for his service game, making it harder to break his serve for the opponent.

Those were some of the opinions that I have against Andy Murray. I hope that he will fix and improve his game. I will be looking forward seeing Andy Murray winning a Grand Slam!

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