Roland Garros 2012 Finals. Posponed, and now in Action

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      June 10th, due to unfortunate weather, the Roland Garros finals had been delayed to Monday.

Nadal was extremely close to winning the final with 6-4, 6-3, however Novak took the 3rd set, and when the 4th set’s game count was at 2-1, it was decided that the match would be delayed until Monday. It is the second time that the grand slam did not end on time. I would say that Nadal was saved by the rain, because Djokovic was just getting the momentum of the match. Even though Djokovic’s opponent is different, Djokovic was able to come back with taking three sets in a row after being led by 2 sets by Andreas Seppi, Italy’s number 1 player (25th in the world rankings), in the quarter finals. Lets see how Djokovic will overcome Nadal in the Roland Garros Finals.

Who do YOU think will win?


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